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Beauty, Nails & Holistic Therapies


Anti-Stress Relaxing Massage -

As the name suggests, this treatment is designed to promote an all over feeling of relaxation and well being, ease generally tight muscles, help to overcome any stresses and anxieties and aid with sleeping difficulties.


Anti-Cellulite, Detox and Skin Toning -

This fairly vigorous massage helps to break down cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic flow of the body. At the same time, the skin is encouraged to tighten and become firmer.


Uplifting Massage -

A good choice if you are feeling down, due to PMS, Post Natal Depression or maybe things are just getting on top of you. This massage aims to give you a lift with the help of hormonally balancing oils.


Achy, Over-Used Muscles -

If you have been doing a little (or a lot) more than you are used to, your body is quick to let you know. Ease off those aches and pains with the treatment that is designed to do just that.


Ante /Post Natal Massage -

Most pregnant ladies will suffer from back and leg aches, and generally feel in need of some pampering. This is the perfect way to ease the stresses and strains of mums to be, or those dealing with parenthood.


Specific Injuries & Conditions -

If you have an injury or specific condition, please feel free to speak to me about a treatment tailored to your needs.

Full Body Massage

£40.00 (Approx 1 Hour)


Back, Neck & Shoulders

£30.00 (Approx ½ Hour)